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Beliefs sangria history

We belief that sangria has his source in Spain, but the truth is different. In 1788 Esteban Torres said in his spanish dictionary, «sangria is a british drink that has a lot of uptake in French and British colonies in America«. So sangria history is a little bit different.

Why sangria history points America?

It is also quite common drink sangria in South Ameria, thanks to the Spanish mass immigration about 1860-1960, in Argentina and Paraguay (using by tradition the same type of spanish glass to prepare) during summers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Why emphasis on wine?

Until modern times water was unsafe to drink. People would bathe in it, wash their horses and other animals in it, and so on. Milk was a drink considered only a food for children. That meant that wine was the only safe liquid to drink and with some alcohol in it. The alcohol would take care of any bacteria in the liquid. It was very natural to  add more spices, fruits, and other items to the wine to give it a different flavor. So we can think this was the first «sangria’s in history».


In Spain and Portugal the sangria is a very popular drink. It is named after the Spanish and Portuguese term for ‘bloodletting’ because it is dark-red in color and is very similar (color, not texture) to blood. This drink usually consists of wine, chopped fruit, sweetener and a little brandy. We want to give a good advice, a lot of ice in your sangria recipe could make the diffence between a good sangria recipe and a excellent sangria recipe.

Now you know sangria history you are ready to know some sangria recipes, we have prepared some articles to help you. Take a look, and if you like, you can give us a plus 1 in Google +. Thank you!!

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