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White wine sangria recipe

Ingredients white wine sangria

  • 2 good and big apples
  • A pair of fresh peaches
  • 1 bottle white wine (750ml)
  • 1 liter orange juice
  • 1/2 liter spanish sparkling wine («cava»)
  • 200gr. white sugar
  • Strawberrys (optional)

Here you have the original and unique recipe with white wine sangria, it is a original recipe and very common and refreshing for the hottest seasons (spring and summer, also in autumn could be a good idea to do this white wine sangria recipe).

Directions for white wine sangria

We begin this recipe with white wine sangria, great drink to prepare in our best celebrations, it is very easy to make. The first thing we need to do is peel all fruit (we don’t need to peel strawberrys, just washing with water and put in our large bowl) and try to cut them into small pieces more or less with a square, once we have all the fruit in squares, put into a large bowl.

Then we add the sugar, white wine and the orange juice, we recommend to squeeze the orange juice at the moment to keep all the properties of the orange. This type of juice includes a lot of nutrients and health benefits, to emphasize, that helps to regulate the digestive system and helps our body to fight diseases. Finally we will incorporate into our mix the spanish sparkling wine, or literally known in Spain like «cava«.

We mix all the ingredients in the bowl very well to permeate the flavors and let rest a couple of hours. After that time we can already serve and enjoy this rich recipe with white wine sangria, a type of very special wine. A good option is to choose a Jerez wine, a well-known white wine that covers a wide range of wines grown in several places like Sanlucar de Barrameda and Jerez de la Frontera, also in others towns, all of them in the province of Cadiz (Andalucía, Spain).